20 Ingenious Ways To Use Dryer Sheets Around The House That Save People A Fortune

When you’re doing your laundry, adding a dryer sheet can help make your clothes smell lavender-field-fresh. Not to mention, these genius inventions also keep your fabrics feeling soft and well-cared for. It’s a little luxury that makes a big difference!

Like any luxury, buying dryer sheets can also feel like a waste of money when they start to pile up in the trash. There’s good news, though! Dryer sheets have many other handy uses aside from one they’re marketed for. Check out these 20 surprising ways dryer sheets can really be put to use. They just may be your new household staple…

1. Repel rodents: Believe it or not, rodents cannot stand the smell of dryer sheets! If you’re trying to keep mice and rats at bay, just tuck a few scented dryer sheets in the spots in your home where they like to lurk.

2. Remove deodorant stains: There are few things more annoying than pulling on a clean shirt and accidentally covering it with your deodorant. Luckily, a few swipes with a dryer sheet should remove those powder marks in no time flat.

3. Clean your car: After driving long distances, the front of your car can look like a bug graveyard. Wipe it clean with a wet dryer sheet to rid yourself of all those guy guts without harming the nice finish on your ride.

4. Clean dry spills: Because of their fibers, dryer sheets are great for wiping up dry messes, like flour. The spill will have no problem adhering to the sheet and your mess will be gone with barely any effort!

5. Dusting: Dryer sheets weren’t made to dust your home, but they should have been! Not only can they clean up dust in a thrice, but they can also help keep dust from settling on surfaces for weeks at a time.

6. Sharpen scissors: Don’t waste a lot of money on an expensive knife-sharpening stone when dryer sheets work just as well—and they cost a fraction of what you’d pay otherwise! Just wipe your scissor blades (or other knives) carefully on the sheet.

7. Clean glass: If your computer screen is a mess or your TV screens are looking dingy, just wipe them down with dryer sheets. They will quickly and safely leave your screens clean and scratch-free to boot!

8. Remove pet hair: If you own a pet, then you know how much their fur can be the bane of your existence. To remove it from your clothes and couch cushions, simply swipe a dryer sheet over the area.

9. Scent filter: Do you notice a stale smell from your air conditioning or heating vents? That’s really easy to fix with dryer sheets. Just tuck one inside of the vent for fresh-smelling air in a snap!

10. Clean your toilet: If your toilet’s due for cleaning but you’re fresh out of toilet bowl cleaner, don’t worry. Simply drop two dryer sheets in your toilet instead. Let them sit a while, then remove and scrub for a pristine pot.

11. Swiffer refills: We all dread the moment we run out of Swiffer refills, but dryer sheets can help in a pinch. Strap on a few dryer sheets to your Swiffer sweeper and be amazed at how quickly and cleanly they pick up dirt!

12. Freshen shoes: Our shoes do us the great favor of protecting our feet every single day. Go ahead and return that favor by stuffing them with dryer sheets when you aren’t wearing them to help keep them smelling nice and fresh.

13. Remove burned food: This one is so good! If you left a pot on the stove too long and it has burned food stuck to it, ditch the sponge and try scrubbing with a dryer sheet instead. Watch all that burned-up gunk fall away.

14. Reduce frizz: If you struggle with little hairs that just can’t be tamed, try rubbing a dryer sheet over your brush before tackling your mane. You’ll be impressed by the silky smooth results!

15. Clean your lint trap: Even if you’ve already used your dryer sheets, you can do something with them that still makes them useful. Use old dryer sheets to help wipe clean the lint drawer in your dryer!

16. Clean your shower: Soap scum is such a tough thing to get rid of, but it doesn’t have to be! Just use a moist dryer sheet and watch that soap scum melt away. Your shower will be sparkling before you know it.

17. Freshen your car: Even if you keep your vehicle clean and tidy, you can still get stuck with weird odors from time to time. Tuck dryer sheets underneath the front seats and your car will smell just divine!

18. Keep luggage smelling fresh: After unpacking from a long trip, put a few dryer sheets in your empty luggage before storing it. That way it will have a pleasant scent when you open it up again for your next trip!

19. Freshen stuffed toys: Kids love to bring their plush stuffed toys everywhere—and sometimes they can get dirty and gross. Since most stuffed animals can only be spot-cleaned, simply rub their fur with a dryer sheet to wipe away any dirt.

20. Repel mosquitoes: Stuck with a serious case of bug bites after your last summer stroll? Next time, tuck a dryer sheet or two inside of your pockets or tie one to your belt; mosquitoes hate the scent!